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The RP910 by GEM represents the perfect merge of technological innovation, and the handcrafted artistry of a traditional piano in one instrument.

By the use of advanced digital sampling techniques and sophisticated physical models, including the new “Enhanced F.A.D.E.” that simulates all the nuances and behaviour of an acoustic piano with the natural resonance of the strings in constantly changing proportions, e sound range of the most famous grand pianos, including the renowned Fazioli® 308 concert grand piano, has been captured and reproduced with the highest fidelity.

The exclusive Wooden Keyboard allows the reproduction of the typical touch of acoustic pianos and gives the incomparable sensation of playing a classical piano.

The onboard features include a 2 track sequencer with up to 20.000 events and an internal music library featuring some of the most famous piano pieces, accurately played and recorded and a digital metronome that represents a very useful resource for educational training.

The internal stereo amplification system offers 40 + 40 watts of power giving the RP910 a full and powerful sound. Two headphone connections are included for private listening.
The new GEM RP910 digital piano powered by DRAKE: turning digital electronics into acoustic reality.

Technical Specifications

Keyboard 88 wooden keys, Graded Hammer Action
Polyphony 80 notes max.
Sounds 32 presets (stereo/mono PCM samples, physical modelling sounds)
Modes Single, split (progr.), layer
Controls Volume, Demo, Metronome, Play, Stop, Track 1, Track 2, Rec, Library, Select/tempo, Balance/Data, Functions, Transpose, Preset selection, Reverb, EFX, Touch
Physical models / Technologies Stereo Damper Physical Model, Natural String Resonance, Advanced Release Technology, FFT merge, Amp Simulation, Enhanced F.A.D.E.
Effects 4 reverbs and 4 effects, associated to the presets
Sequencer 2 tracks, 20.000 events, metronome, piano song library (50 songs), with music score book
Display LED 3 digits
Connections Stereo in/out, MIDI in/out, 2 headphones, computer host
Pedals 3 - damper half pedaling, soft, sostenuto
Cabinet Upright cabinet with sliding key cover; black high gloss finish; bench included
Amplification 40W + 40W, 2 ways, 4 speakers
(W x H x D)
1.400 x 800 x 500 mm / 55,2 x 33,5 x 19,7 "
Weight 69 kg / 152,1 lbs
Specifications are subject to change without notice.